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The Next One
The Next One
Caffè Parma in Beijing

A new unexplored branch

It is not a Coffee Shop nor a Restaurant.
It’s an Italian Coffee Shop: Breakfast, lunch, snack, happy hour, dinner.
Everything in the utmost Italian tradition.

Italians who bring the Italian tradition throughout the world

A cup of coffee, a snack, something sweet, a simple plate of cold cuts and cheese, a warm soup, pasta, a salad, everything prepared on the spot, thanks to the experience of a great Italian chef, enjoyed along with a glass of wine, in a charming place (designed by an Italian architect), comfortable and sophisticated, that unites a good service and history. A renewed modern, global, healthy and qualified tradition.

Italy, Emilia, Parma

Italy and its gastronomic history is appreciated throughout the world (pasta, pizza, ice-cream, expresso, etc.). Along with the renown benefits of Mediterranean Cuisine.
Emilia is a region of valuable gastronomic traditions (mortadella, Bolognese sauce, lasagne, Balsamic vinegar, etc.); but that’s not all.
Parma, with its famous products (Parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano, Felino salami, hand made pasta, etc.), is without doubt the name of city most present on the menus all over the world.

At a bar, at home, in the office

The sophisticated, relaxing and discreet atmosphere of the bar, where you can talk about business, have a quick work-lunch, meet friends or colleagues, or spend some time with your family.
You can also taste the same food in his office (take away or office service), or at home (home service) with the same attentive and professional service.
A brioche, an expresso, canapé, various snacks, for a break during work.
A salad, some pasta, a sandwich to avoid interrupting a work meeting (catering service).
You can also have the pleasure to celebrate a special event offering a “typical Italian” lunch or dinner to friends at home or colleagues at the office.

The first bar

A large space (470 msq.), two floors, in a new, important, central, elegant neighbourhood in Beijing, opened at the beginning of spring 2008.

One of the many

A global project, not designed solely for Chinese market, which will be expanded to the most important countries of the world. The creation of an easily identified brand.